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Contact Middlesbrough Council Community Learning and find out how this can benefit your business.
The Government wants to increase Apprenticeship provision in the UK to 3,000,000 by 2020 by making funding changes and introducing an Apprenticeship Levy.

As a result of the Government reforms, a new style of apprenticeships has been designed to meet the changing needs of employers, learners and providers.

Apprenticeship Standards are replacing the SASE Frameworks and are available for new and current staff.
The new Apprenticeship Standards put employers ‘in the driving seat’ in terms of designing apprenticeships and deciding how their funding is spent.

We can arrange to speak with your department managers and go through the changes and how it can benefit your business and future apprentices.

Please Call 01642 804039 or 01642 654553 to make an appointment or email or
We are happy to discuss any issues and offer information.

We have a number of Apprenticeship Standards ready for delivery NOW!