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“This course is fantastic. When I first go to Job Centre and other places people couldn’t understand me. Now they say you are so much better, what happened? I tell them my English class with Helen. Now I feel I can speak to everyone.”

“I feel sad because it’s the last day for this class, I said to my coach worker that my teacher is good and my English has improved”

“Adele & Jack, I am so grateful for all the help and support you have given me. Guiding me through my journey in obtaining my level 2 in English. I would highly recommend anyone to sign up and join Middlesbrough Community Learning. As a learner, you have made my whole time learning actually enjoyable. The staff are professional, helpful, approachable and friendly. I have now been offered a job as a teaching assistant”

“You don’t know how good it is to come here and have a place to go and learn and meet people. I have been only a short time but the class is so lovely and I feel we are all friends already. I will miss the class so much and hope I can continue my studies in my new home.”

“At my kids school parents meeting…….my husband (used to only) attend but now I (have started going to) the meetings and speaking as well”

“My husband tell me stay at home as I not feeling well but I say no – my class is beautiful.”

“Thanks to the work experience I was provided, I was able to show my current employer what I am capable of”

“I enjoy the course when I speak to classmate and now I have some friends in different countries. I have lovely teacher and she teaches me by easy ways. I learned how to be positive if you have any mistake during speaking. I learned don’t be shy when you speak English.”

“I have enjoyed learning maths as the teacher made it easy to learn and has supported me when I found it difficult. I have passed level 1 and I’m currently doing level 2. Learning maths has taught me to think logically, plan how to solve problems, and to apply the appropriate methods to evaluate and solve the problem. I can now help my son with his maths homework.”

“Without all the help and support of you guys I would never of passed English. Jack is a super teacher, I can not praise this man enough. When I had doubts about passing my level 1 he had faith in me, and he gave me the confidence I needed to go on to pass both level 1 and level 2.”

“Studying in your class my English improved a lot.”

Learner achievement rate in 21/22
Learner attendance rate in 21/22
New learners supported in 21/22
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“Many people have approached me and other members of the service with questions about what we do. It is easy to launch into a verbatim answer on our different educational programmes and what their aims are; however what we do isn’t just about delivering courses and programmes in Middlesbrough… what we do is create futures. When you consider this, it isn’t just about achieving a course certificate; it’s about all the other things that are contributing towards creating a future. We are proud of what we do and use the mantra ‘be part of it’ and we hope after visiting our website, you will indeed want to be a “part of it”, too.”

Claire Kemp
Head of Community Learning and Employability

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