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” MCL has given me the confidence to so something with my life.”

 “I started the cleaning course after a long period of not working, now I am very proud to wear my work uniform.” 

“I always wanted to learn English savoury food and sweets. This course gave me that. I enjoyed it very much and benefited a lot from it. I am happy with what I made and learned. Thank you a lot for your patience and for all of your help and teaching in the class.”

“I want to stay here forever, It’s my dream place.”

“I attended the health and social care course and I soon achieved new skills and certificates that led me to an interview in which I was able to gain employment.”

” I used to have panic attacks but since I achieved my Hospitality course at MCL I don’t have them much any more.”

“Thank you for helping me to gain so much confidence. I can shop for clothes on my own now and find my way around Middlesbrough.”

 “I can’t believe how much I enjoyed attending the course and Louise made things easy to understand. She has motivated me and given me the confidence to know I can continue in the right direction. Thank you!”

” I could not have gained employment without Lisa and Mick’s help and support.”

” They promised to help me and they did what they promised and now I have a job and I cant stop smiling.”

“I felt welcome, listened to, understood and encouraged to look towards a better future with my children, partner and myself. Thank you for being you and helping in ways I can’t put into words.”

” Couldn’t have done what I have done with out the support I have received from MCLS.”

” My communications skills have improved drastically and I am now able to communicate more effectively and more independently.”

“I feel more confident and understood. Louise boosted my confidence in myself and being a mum. Everyone should attend this course.”

 “I am enjoying learning lots of new words connected with my pregnancy and now want to go on to higher education to train as a primary school teacher in the future.”

“Five years ago I could not speak any English hardly, now I can read simple sentences and I try to read the papers every day.”

“I was really pleased and proud to win an award at the recent learner celebration event. It motivated me to make the decision to work towards taking a masters degree so I can continue towards a nursing career.”

“The support from the employment hub and the rest of the team has been incredible.”

“After completing my course I applied for a job at Amazon and has been accepted!”

” I had no certificates to prove what I could do when I moved to England. Joining MCL helped me to gain relevant certificates and I am very proud of what I have achieved in my time here.” 

Learner achievement rate in 21/22
Learner attendance rate in 21/22
New learners supported in 21/22
Photo of Claire Kemp

“Many people have approached me and other members of the service with questions about what we do. It is easy to launch into a verbatim answer on our different educational programmes and what their aims are; however what we do isn’t just about delivering courses and programmes in Middlesbrough… what we do is create futures. When you consider this, it isn’t just about achieving a course certificate; it’s about all the other things that are contributing towards creating a future. We are proud of what we do and use the mantra ‘be part of it’ and we hope after visiting our website, you will indeed want to be a “part of it”, too.”

Claire Kemp
Head of Community Learning and Employability