Alcohol-related harm is estimated to cost the NHS in England £3.5 billion every year. This cost varies from young people who overindulge on a night out and end up in hospital, to older people who are alcohol dependent (alcoholics). Have you ever thought about how you could make a difference? Well, this course is designed to help raise awareness around alcohol misuse. Our auto-marked course will help you to understand the key dangers surrounding alcohol and how to avoid putting yourself or others at risk.

  • Place of study: Learn from home (online)
  • Type of course: Distance learning course with no exams
  • Course duration: An average of 3 hours

Full support will be provided throughout the course from one of our tutors.

Within this alcohol awareness training, you will cover the following:

Section 1: Alcohol unit strengths
In this section, your will cover the unit strengths of different alcoholic drinks.

Section 2: Alcohol misuse
You will identify the main reasons why people may misuse alcohol.

Section 3: Effects of alcohol misuse
In this section, you will discover some of the psychological and physical effects of alcohol misuse.

Section 4: Health issues
This section covers the ways in which alcohol misuse can impact on health, such as nutrition, the liver, the heart, mental health and sexual health.

Section 5: Withdrawing from alcohol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In section 5, you will develop knowledge of the effects of withdrawing from alcohol.

Section 6: Help and information
In the final section, you will cover the sources of help and information in relation to alcohol abuse.

For more information about this course visit the skills network website.