As of 2021, there are 55 million people living with dementia worldwide and this number is on the increase. Have you ever thought about how you can make a difference? This short, auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand the impact and key issues surrounding dementia, possibly as a relative, carer or as a person living with dementia.

  • Place of study: Learn from home (online)
  • Type of course: Distance learning course with no exams
  • Course duration: An average of 2-3 hours

Within this Dementia Awareness training, you will cover the following:

Section 1:

You will build your understanding of what dementia is, the key functions of the brain that are affected by it and why other conditions may be mistaken for dementia.

Section 2: Understanding key features of theoretical models of dementia
On completing this section, you will be able to accurately identify models of dementia within health and social care and understand dementia as a disability.

Section 3: Know the most common types of dementia and their causes
In this section you will cover the most common causes of dementia, the signs and symptoms of these and the risk factors. You will also identify the prevalence rates for different types of dementia.

Section 4: Understanding factors relating to an individual’s experience of dementia
Your will then cover how different individuals may experience living with dementia, depending on age, type of dementia and level of ability and
disability. You will also learn about the impact that the attitudes and behaviours of others may have on an individual with dementia.

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