Interested in HR training courses? Online materials and assessments make it easy for anyone, anywhere to complete one of our courses. This course aims to provide you with knowledge of the induction process for new staff. It is ideal for anyone who is or is aspiring to become a line manager.

  • Full cost price: free
  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Learning method(s): Online learning materials with online assessment

Within this Induction of New Staff training, learners will cover the following:

Section 1: The induction process
In this section you will learn about the importance of an effective induction, and the phases of the induction process. You will also learn about the legal aspects of the induction process.

Section 2: The effectiveness of the induction process
This section will take you through the induction process in more detail, including how to record the progress of an induction and how to evaluate the induction process.

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