This short, auto-marked course will teach you everything you need to know about substance misuse, either as a person impacted by substance misuse or as somebody supporting others impacted.

  • Full cost price: free
  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Learning method(s): Online learning materials with online assessment

This course is split into manageable sections, including:

Section 1: Substances that are commonly misused
In this section, you will cover the reasons why people use substances, the types of substances that are misused and the factors that can influence the effects of substances.

Section 2: The personal and social effects of substance misuse
You will study the harmful effects of substance misuse on individuals and society, as well as where to get support and advice on substance misuse.

Section 3: The perceptions of and responses to substance misuse
This section covers how stereotyping affects users and how media reporting affects people’s perceptions of substance misuse. You will also cover statistics about substance misuse.

Section 4: Ways to promote healthy choices and build resilience
You will look at the risk factors and protective factors for substance misuse, ways to protect individuals from the risks of substance misuse and the barriers to making healthy choices.

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