This short course is aimed at anyone looking to develop their knowledge of the importance of online safety, especially parents, carers and adults with limited online safety knowledge and experience.

You will cover the scope and risks of online safety and how to minimise these risks, the influence of social media and how to use social media safely (including social media settings) and recognising and responding to changes in behaviour indicating unsafe online behaviour.

Key course details

  • Fully online
  • Study from anywhere, at any time
  • Perfect for an introduction to online safety or as a refresher
  • Receive an e-certificate upon completion

Section 1: The scope and risks of online activity

  • Positive uses of the internet
  • The surface web, deep web and dark web
  • The risks of negative online activity
  • Why individuals may be vulnerable online
  • Possible outcomes of unsafe online activities

Section 2: How online risks can be minimised

  • How potentially unsafe/illegal activity can be prevented
  • Examples of what may be included in policies relating to internet use
  • Individuals’ personal internet use at home
  • AUPs
  • Parental controls

Section 3: The influence of social media

  • Social media usage
  • Social media and radicalisation
  • Use of social media for propaganda

Section 4: How to promote the safe use of social media

  • Safe social media settings
  • Recommendations for use of personal information

Section 5: How to recognise and respond to changes in behaviour indicating unsafe online behaviour

  • Inappropriate uses of the internet
  • Signs that an individual is using the internet inappropriately
  • Signs or changes in behaviour that might indicate that an individual is experiencing online abuse
  • How an individual can be supported to change their online behaviour.