Anxiety or depression affects nearly one in five UK adults. This number could be higher as many are embarrassed to come forward due to not many understanding the seriousness of anxiety and depression. This short, auto-marked programme will give you the knowledge you need to understand the impact and key issues surrounding anxiety.

  • Type of course: Online distance learning course with no exams
  • Course duration: An average of 2 hours.

Within this Understanding Anxiety training, you will cover the following:

Section 1: The meaning of ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic attack’
In this section, you will cover what is meant by the terms ‘anxiety’ and ‘panic attack’.

Section 2: Causes of anxiety
You will study the possible causes of anxiety in this section.

Section 3: The effects of anxiety
This section covers the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and the effects of anxiety on an individual and their family and friends.

Section 4: How ways of thinking and behaving affect anxiety
You will look at what happens in a cycle of negative thinking, how an individual’s personality and outlook on life can increase or decrease anxiety and the effects of positive thinking.

Section 5: Anxiety management and support
In this section, you will cover examples of self-help for anxiety, activities to manage anxiety, and local support and treatment.

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