This course aims to give you the knowledge required to understand the impact of and key issues surrounding depression and anxiety, essential knowledge for those impacted, directly or indirectly by depression or anxiety.

  • Course duration: 4 hours
  • Learning method(s): Online learning materials with online assessment

This course is set up into manageable sections. These include:

Section 1: The meaning of ‘depression’
In this section, you will look at the difference between ‘feeling low’ and clinical depression, alongside examining the key facts about depression.

Section 2: The cause of depression
In this section, you will cover the causes and symptoms of depression and will also look at individual experiences and case studies from those who have experienced the condition.

Section 3: The effects of psychotic depression
In this section, you will understand exactly what psychotic depression is, develop the skills required to identify those suffering from it and begin to explore ways in which to begin dealing with the condition.

Section 4: Effects on the individual, family and friends
You will understand how depression affects an individual’s life, as well as the lives of their family and close friends.

Section 5: How the demands of daily life can maintain depression
This section covers the demands of modern, daily life and how they can manifest themselves into various forms of depression. You will also be introduced to techniques for managing these pressures and demands.

Section 6: Depression management and support
You will cover the possible treatments and local resources which can help sufferers of depression and psychotic depression.

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