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What is 50 Futures?

50 Futures provides work experience opportunities to the residents of Middlesbrough that are looking to move into employment. We offer a variety of high quality work placements within the council and our trusted partners.

Who can join 50 Futures?

To be eligible for 50 Futures you must:

  • Live in Middlesbrough.
  • Aged 16 or over.
  • Currently unemployed and not in education.

What will I gain from a 50 Futures placement?

You’ll get experience of a real work environment whether that’s in an office, outdoors, or in the community and you’ll learn from qualified and experienced staff. Even just meeting new people can help open up a network of opportunities. A work placement will strengthen your CV, and allow you to gain valuable on-the-job experience which can help improve your job prospects. You’ll also be supported throughout your placement by one of our trained advisors, who work specifically with your age group.

What can I do?

We already have a wide range of placements available, all of which last for up to 8 weeks.  We are continually adding to the types of placement available so do not hesitate to contact us.

Environment Service Operative

Gain work experience working as an Environment Service Operative as part of Middlesbrough Councils Area Care Team

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Business Support Assistant

Gain practical hands on experience assisting with enquiries, processing referrals and general administration tasks within Middlesbrough Council

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Classroom Assistant

50 Futures placement working within a dedicated team that support adult learners in a diverse range of lessons.

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Ref Job Title Availability
50FJR001 Environment Service Operative Available
50FJR002 Business Support Assistant Available
50FJR003 Classroom Assistant – MCL Available
50FJR004 Classroom Assistant – ESOL Available
50FJR005 Classroom Assistant – Rhyme Time Available
50FJR006 Machine Operative Available
50FJR007 Digital Support Assistant Unavailable
50FJR008 Communications Officer Unavailable
50FJR009 Operational Community Safety Available
50FJR010 Cleaning Operative Available
50FJR011 Bar Assistant Available
50FJR012 Cleaning Operative Available
50FJR013 Grounds Worker Available
50FJR014 Grounds Worker Available
50FJR015 Bar Assistant Available
50FJR016 Grounds Worker Available
50FJR017 Cleaning Operative Available
50FJR018 Grounds Worker Available
50FJR019 Grounds Worker Available
50FJR020 Passenger Advisor/Assistant Available
50FJR021 Group Coordinator Available
50FJR022 Handy Person Operative Available
50FJR023 Business Administration Available
50FJR024 Customer Service Available
50FJR025 Funeral Services Available
50FJR026 Horticulture Available

More vacancies will be added in the near future.

Alternatively phone: 01642 811400 or email: 50futures@mcls.ac.uk

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