Group Coordinator

Purpose of Post:

To provide an experience of working within the Staying Included team to support and deliver assistance to range of community groups

Specific duties:

  • Work with local groups to understand their needs and interests
  • Find out about the community’s needs, problems and barriers.
  • Explore new opportunities to engage the local community.
  • Help to raise public awareness.
  • Provide support to people visiting the venue.
  • Befriend group visitors and provide an empathetic ear.
  • Plan and participate in group activities
  • Ensure Health and Safety protocols are followed by visitors to the venue
  • Signpost group participants upon request
  • Help with making refreshments
  • Support with the completion of paperwork

Experience and Skills you will gain:

  • Knowledge about the community’s needs, problems and barriers.
  • Knowledge and experience working with local support groups.
  • Awareness of engaging with elderly, vulnerable and disabled visitors

Days/times required:  Max 30 Hours per week

Duration of the Placement: 8 weeks

DBS required:  Yes

Other responsibilities

  • Embrace the values of Middlesbrough Council
  • Where a candidate has a disability, Middlesbrough Council will make every reasonable effort to supply the necessary aids, equipment or adaptations to enable a volunteer to carry out their role.
  • All candidates are expected to demonstrate a commitment to the principles of equality of opportunity and fairness of treatment in relation to their volunteer role and adhere to the Council’s Work Experience Policy in carrying out their placement.
  • All candidates are expected to respect all confidentialities and principles and practice of the Data Protection Act.
  • All work experience candidates are required to comply with Health and Safety policies and legislation.