Middlesbrough Youth (Employment) Hub is a partnership venture between Middlesbrough Borough Council and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP or Jobcentre Plus). The main aim is to support Middlesbrough residents aged 18-24 years old, into employment, education, training or volunteering. If you fall into the 18-24 age range, we do need so share limited data with DWP for statistical, reporting and success purposes. If you’re aged 16, 17 or 25 years+, we will not share this data with DWP, unless you have asked us to share this with your Work Coach.

Sharing your data and consent (18-24 year olds)

To help Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) assess and improve the effectiveness of the Flexible Support Fund, the part-funder of the Middlesbrough Employment Hub, we need your consent to supply limited personal details to the DWP, and to allow the DWP to hold and use personal information about you i.e. job outcomes or new qualifications, so that the DWP can research into how successful the partnership with Middlesbrough Council is, and what parts of the partnership work well. The information will be provided by Middlesbrough Borough Council and the DWP may match what you tell us to details they already hold about you.

Any details you give us will only be seen by the DWP research team and will only be used for research into this scheme. When the DWP write the research report no individual person or household will be identified. The DWP will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation It will store your information in a secure place and destroy the records after they are no longer required for their research purposes, but will keep your details for no more than two years. Any transfer of information will be by secure means.

The information we will share with the DWP is your name, date of birth, national insurance number, postcode and gender.

If you wish to take part, please agree to these conditions by signing the consent form issued by the Middlesbrough Employment Hub. If you would like to know more information, you can speak to Jessica Evans in the hub. You are free to stop taking part at any time. Whether you use this scheme or not will not affect any of the benefits you may be entitled to.

The consent form looks like this:

Full name of Participant:
I authorise Middlesbrough Borough Council (MBC) to share the information listed above with DWP in connection with the evaluation of the Flexible Support Fund Grant Partnership Scheme. I have read the information above and understand why MBC is required to share information with DWP about the activity I have been offered on the Flexible Support Fund Grant Partnership, and I understand how that information will be used. I understand that if I am in receipt of any benefits, my entitlement to those benefits will not be affected whether or not I choose to give consent.
Declaration (signed):